Through our agricultural projects we contribute towards end of poverty and hunger free. There is ennough land to grow vegetables, crops and to keep animals for food, wool and other products.

Agricultural projects are opportunities to employment and better food which ultimately benefits the health. It will improve the economy and make people self-reliant. We strive with our projects in an enviropnemntally friendly, honest world.

'We support people who want to develop for themselves'

Clean DRINKWATER and PROPER SANITATION are essential to public health and for the prevention of diseases and epidemics. Only one in every two people in the world will have access to some form of sanitation. Drinking water is a prerequisite for human survival, but water also means so much more: it can provide better personal hygiene, encourage the growth of healthy food and enable cooking, cleaning, washing and dishwashing.

Proper sanitation encourages people to be aware of the importance of good hygiene. Excrement, rubbish and standing water (a breeding ground for many insects) need to be separated and removed to avoid the transmission of diseases. No more open sewers!

With our project WATER FOR LIFE, we have worked to realise the United Nations' (UN's) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). The aim is to achieve these goals, and in turn to bring an end to poverty, hunger, disease (e.g. AIDS, Malaria), maternal and child mortality, inequality and environmental problems.

'One person cannot do it alone, only the many who are united at the right moment.' - attributed to Goethe-

To achieve our objectives, SCHOLARSHIPS are one of our other areas of focus and what we are committed to. After all, the youth has the future. Scholarships for VOCATIONAL TRAINING are provided by our foundation. The focus is on the needs of the country. For example, our preference is to train doctors, dentists, nurses, agronomists etc.

Also sending doctors/specialists (volunteers) who go to Africa for a few weeks in their scarce free time to transfer their knowledge to the doctors there is arranged by us.

Our starting point is:
'Give a man a fish and he'll eat for one day. Teach him to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime'.

We also organise the collection and transmission of usable goods such as medical equipment (instruments and medicines), X-ray equipment, dental materials, school and stationery supplies. We are aware that schools have a great need for computers, laptops, English-language books and similar.

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